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About the vehicle, the lease was concluded between "TRANSMONT" DOO (hereinafter referred to as the lessor) and the user of the vehicle (hereinafter referred to as the lessee)


"TRANSMONT" DOO Rent a car provides the user with a vehicle under the conditions established by this Agreement and the valid price list.


With his signature, the user agreed with the provisions of this Agreement: a) to accept the prices and other rental conditions specified in the valid price list as an integral part of the agreement.

  1. b) to be 22 years old and have a valid driver's license for at least two years c) to receive the vehicle in good condition with all associated accessories and vehicle documentation
  2. d) to return the rented vehicle within the period indicated on the front page or earlier at the lessor's request e) to request the consent of the lessor to extend the agreed period of use of the vehicle at least 24 hours before the expiry of the deadline for returning the vehicle
  3. f) to immediately stop driving if the odometer breaks down while driving and to inform the lessor about the odometer breakdown as soon as possible
  4. g) that if, when returning the vehicle, it is found that the odometer is damaged, the lessor must pay the cost of 500 kilometers for each day of use of the vehicle
  5. h) to maintain and store the vehicle during use
  6. i) that the rented vehicle is not used: - under the influence of alcohol and drugs

-against a lawful purpose (e.g. criminal offense, customs, and foreign exchange violation)

- for driver training

- for the transportation of passengers or goods with compensation

- for transporting or towing other vehicles, trailers, or their parts - for participating in motor shows

  1. j) to use the vehicle only for special needs and not to rent or lend it to a third party
  2. k) that the vehicle is driven only by a person authorized by him to do so, provided that person is at least 22 years old, has a valid driver's license for at least two years, and is entered in the "second driver" section of this

1) not to load the rented vehicle with persons or objects exceeding the permitted maximum weight of the contract

  1. m) not to cross the border of Cme Gora with the rented vehicle without the lessor's permission
  2. n) that without the lessor's consent, they will not change parts or assemblies of devices in the vehicle.


If the lessee violates any provision or condition from Art. 1 of this contract is obliged to compensate the lessor for any and all damage that would result from it, the extent of which will be determined.


The lessor will reimburse the lessee for regular maintenance of the vehicle (with the exception of the costs of washing the vehicle during use) and oil, upon presentation of a receipt of payment.


The lessee undertakes to pay the lessor immediately or within the agreed period the rental amount before the mileage for the rented vehicle and other costs charged for the use of the vehicle according to the valid price list.


If the lessee does not pay the costs within the agreed period, the lessor has the right to charge a legal penalty.


In the event of costs arising from this contract, the lessor will initiate legal proceedings against the lessee in order to collect his claims.


When using the rented vehicle, the lessee is insured in accordance with legal regulations and insurance rules for legal liability for damages to third parties, and the vehicle is insured against fire or theft.


The lessee is responsible for damage done to the vehicle during its use, as well as for damage caused due to non-use (standing the damaged vehicle, for the entire duration of the repair if the damage was caused by the fault of the lessee). The amount of damage caused due to non-use (standing) is determined in the lump sum of the daily rental of the vehicle according to the valid price list.


Regardless of the eventually purchased liability for damage done to the vehicle, the lessee is responsible for the following:

  1. a) damage is done to the vehicle by the authorized driver (another driver) under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  2. b) if the damage is caused by negligence or gross negligence in driving
  3. c) if the driver did not have a valid driver's license at the time of the damage


Engine breakdowns caused by the lessee's carelessness and damage to car tires are not insured and are the lessee's responsibility. Costs of fuel, parking, garage, fines for traffic violations and damages, court and lawyer's costs incurred due to legal collection of the lessor, are borne by the lessee, as well as the cost of washing the vehicle, which is charged according to the laundry's price list.


The lessor will not compensate the lessee for the loss or damage of personal luggage and goods that are in or on the rented vehicle.


The lessor will not indemnify the lessee for damages caused by: a) delay due to vehicle delivery,

  1. b) any breakdown of the vehicle during use.



The lessee undertakes to protect the interest of the lessor and his insurance company in the event of an accident, thereby:

  1. a) that he will record the names and addresses of the participants and witnesses of the accident, b) that he will not leave the damaged vehicle until he has removed it from the scene of the accident and secured it
  2. c) that he will immediately inform the lessor about the damage, even if it is insignificant, as soon as possible, d) that in case of major damage to the vehicle or if there are injured persons in the accident (even if it is obvious that other persons are at fault), he will immediately call and wait for the arrival of the traffic authorities militia in order to carry out an official inspection, e) which will submit a written report about the accident to the lessor


In the event of an accident, the lessee who fails to fulfill all the conditions specified in Article 14 of this contract will be responsible for all damages that the lessor would incur due to this failure.


Repairs or replacement of vehicle parts can only be carried out in an authorized service center with the prior consent of the lessor. The lessor will only acknowledge the repair costs with the attached service invoice and present the replaced part. The costs are not recognized if the repair was carried out outside an authorized service center and no replacement parts were brought. If, when returning the vehicle, it is found that any part of the vehicle or equipment has been changed or lost, the lessee will be charged for damages to the extent determined by the lessor.


For the duration of the lease, the lessor has the right to control the correctness of the vehicle by the lessee, and if it is established that the user does not comply with the terms of this Agreement, he has the right to confiscate the vehicle.


Any changes to this agreement are valid only if confirmed in writing by both respective parties


In the event of a dispute arising from this contract

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