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Our online booking is simple and fast with a wide selection of cars, minibuses, limousines or shuttles that you can book in advance. Like you, we believe in reasonable prices, so we compare prices in Montenegro and beyond every day to make sure you get the best and highest quality offer. And all our partners have been checked to meet the standards we expect from you.

Whatever Your choice may be, whatever route You select with us, we make sure you always ARRIVE HAPPY.

We are the world's number 1 specialist in smooth, reliable transfers, private tours and rent a car serving over 2500 passengers every year. You can pre-book a transfer from Montenegro to Croatia, a city in the south of Montenegro to a city in the north of Montenegro and many, many routes in between. We'll always be there, ready and waiting... guaranteed.

Transfers-Montenegro started operating in 2003 from our headquarters at Tivat Airport, Montenegro. Just ten years later, we now help thousands of travelers arrive happily every year 24/7, all year round, taking travelers to all major beach, ski and city destinations, as well as places off the beaten track. Whatever you need, we'll always try to find a way to get you where you're going

Since last year, we can boast that we are also a travel agency that has over 20 private tours that have been carefully designed by a team of professionals taking care of every detail to help you get to know Montenegro with a smile. And if you decide to visit on your own, there are over 20 vehicles available for rent.

We have a wide range of transport for you…cars, minibuses, minivans, shuttles, premium class cars! They are all well-maintained and comply with local, national or EU transport regulations and every one of our partners stands by our promises - to be there when we say we will, to give you a safe driving experience and clearly confirm your pick up details.

Private transfers may be any type and size of vehicle, depending on the number of people in your party, from individual travelers to large groups.

We look forward to seeing you, wherever you’re heading.

*We guarantee your transfer with us works - or your money back

It’s only fair that if your transfer doesn’t work as it should because of something we’ve done, we’ll gladly refund that part of your trip.

And even if things go wrong that we can’t control, like flight cancellations or baggage delays, we’re here to help 24/7 and will always do our very best to get you to your destination.

“The service was just as it should be - fast and hassle-free! We were more than satisfied. We will be using your service in the future.”

Brian Reynolds, UK

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A transfer with us that works means:

• An our representative is waiting at the airport when you arrive;
• Your vehicle is what you booked and meets our standards;
• You have a safe driving experience;
• Your return journey is confirmed and arrives in good time.

TM Transfers Montenegro
TM Transfers Montenegro
TM Transfers Montenegro
TM Transfers Montenegro
TM Transfers Montenegro