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If you like adventure, and adrenaline, you can never get enough of that. You are in the right place



Do you love horses and would like to try riding? You can do it with us on Lake Skadar. Žabljak Crnojevića is an island fortress on Lake Skadar. The ranch we are going to is located near the fortress from the 8th century, which has made this place a tourist attraction for people who come from all over the world to get to know the untouched nature of the Skadar Lake National Park. Riding horses in these areas, you can visit the Kom monastery, as well as the fishing villages of Dodoši and Biševina. This region offers over 100 km of riding trails, as well as several bathing areas and restaurants with national cuisine. A special attraction of riding tours is the encounter with around 100 wild horses.



Lipa cave is one of the largest cave monuments in Montenegro. Its 2,5 km long system of passages and halls makes it a place you simply must visit while in Montenegro. The beauty of Lipa cave was recognized and admired by notable historic figures, among which the Montenegrin royalty. Lipa cave was known prior to Njegos’ time, and cave expeditions were organized even back then. Various renowned explorers from the 19th century left written documents regarding the cave’s existence and its abundance in cave ornaments, and explorations continue up to this day. The cave is located only 5km from the town center of Cetinje, 33km from Budva, and 35km from the capital city of Podgorica. In 2017 cave tours have been prolonged, and visitors now spend longer time in the cave admiring additional cave galleries. Lipa cave was opened in 2015 and since then it’s been offering unforgettable tours conducted by trained guides whose kind and helpful attitude adds to the overall



Zipline represents the transition from one side of the hill to the other with the help of specially installed cables. It originated from the need to bridge deep gorges and rivers in mountainous areas, where it was not possible to build a bridge. Earlier, the zip line was used as a way to transport people and food to inaccessible parts of the world. In some remote parts of China is still used. Today, the zip line is used mainly in tourism - for entertainment purposes, just as is the case with zip line adventure in Montenegro.

Have you heard of the zip line by the Djurdjevica Tara Bridge?

Flight over a deep gorge encourages a strong adrenaline rush, and everything is seasoned with an indescribable panoramic experience of nature from a specific angle. Do not miss experiencing the deepest European canyon of the river Tara from a completely new perspective, with the largest zipline in Europe. The endless green of the surrounding forests and meadows and the turquoise river are seen from 200 meters of altitude and will be etched in your memory forever.



Tara Rafting is the ultimate adrenaline challenge, unusual adventure, and unforgettable vacation for all true nature lovers! Ok, rafting is amazing, no question about it, but rafting on Tara river and its canyon is a true treat for all rafting lovers around the world. Why is that? It's simple! Tara river canyon in Montenegro is the second deepest canyon in the world, right behind America's Grand Canyon. Rafting represents a rapid descent in special rubber boats called rafts, designed for wild waters, which can fit 8 - 10 people at a time. Rafting boats are managed by trained and IRF licensed guides - the skippers. All guides must possess the IRF (International Rafting Federation) license and must have a lot of experience. For a thrilling ride on sparkling streams, you don't need prior experience or special physical fitness. Before every descent, participants receive all the necessary equipment and a brief theoretical training so the adventure can be complete. Excitement, adrenaline rush, dreamy natural scenery you can admire from the top of the Tara canyon, fresh mountain air - all of that and more is what you can expect from the Tara river rafting adventure. Pump yourself up in a good mood, invite great company, and be ready to feel the excitement like never before! This is what we do best! Transport will be your friend on this journey, and we will make sure to create new memories, that you'll wish to remember forever!



The name itself says that it is hidden from the "eye of God" and it is true. Nevidio has become the last conquered canyon in Europe, which was opened just in 1965 by a group of professional mountaineers from Niksic. Locals consider the Komarnica river canyon, which originates in Durmotor mountain, a real wonder mystery of nature. The Canyon is located between the two confronted mountains Durmitor and Vojnik separated by the Komarnica river. Clean water, high rocks, waterfalls, narrow channels less than 1 meter width, and canyons take your breath away! All true nature lovers and extreme fans definitely should visit Nevidio Canyon.



The adventure park is located at Ivanova Korita, on the territory of the Lovćen National Park. It occupies an area of ​​2 hectares on which 10 tracks have been built, of which 3 are new, which provide the opportunity for sports and extreme adrenaline activities. Each track has about 15 different games located at certain heights, specially adapted for ages 5 to 70. Each user of the park receives the necessary equipment (belt, helmet, gloves), and there is a professionally trained team of instructors who will explain to each user how to use and apply all the games. Safety and security are maxima according to all European standards.



The waters of Montenegro are its greatest wealth – clean, drinkable, partly wild, and violent! It will cool you down, and inspire you, but also provide a magnificent space for kayaking! Absorb the positive energy of nature! Bring snacks, hop in a kayak, and enjoy the sunrise and sunset on Montenegro's coast. Want to combine a beach tour with kayaking as you row along a coastline adorned with Mediterranean-style stone houses and villas, as well as enchanting fishing villages? The Bay of Kotor, surrounded by the mountains Orjen and Lovćen, has over 100 kilometers of coastline and magnificent fortifications, churches, and monasteries! If you're lucky, you might see a sea turtle or a dolphin. Besides kayaking on the Bay of Kotor, you can kayak along the entire coast, from Herceg Novi all the way down south to Ulcinj.



Rent a bike and the adventure can begin. Explore the city of Herceg Novi by bike. Enjoy the sightseeing or still choose the northern part to get to know the rural way of life of Montenegrins.



 Dream or reality - flight in the sky over Montenegro?

Do you want to know what it's like to fly? Feeling nothing but the wind as it whisks you away on an adventure? If you have never tried paragliding before, Montenegro is the place to start! With 293 kilometers "from head to toe," Montenegro's coast has incorporated some of Europe's most beautiful landscapes! As you watch the mountains fall into the crystal clear waters from the paraglider, you will marvel at the ancient cities and fortresses surrounded by ramparts, their stones intertwining with each other as if they are madly in love.



The clear blue sea, surrounded by coastal mountains, studded with the most beautiful beaches, gives you boundless space to explore and bask in the sunshine. Numerous boat tours will bring you closer to the beauties that the sea hides. Depending on the tour, you can visit the iconic Our Lady of the Rocks island or the Old Town of Perast, enjoy the stunning view of the island of Mamula, explore a former submarine base, or plunge into the fascinating Blue Cave and Žanjice Beach. You will find countless boat tours along the entire coast, from Herceg Novi to Ulcinj. Complete the day with delicious seafood delicacies and Montenegrin wine in the sunsets on the sapphire Adriatic and maybe go for a swim in any of the nearby local beaches.



If you love animals, this could be your wonderland. There is a mini ZOO near Podgorica where animals can walk freely, and you can play with them, feed them and take care of them. With much enthusiasm, this place was created many years ago. Our host, passionate in his love for animals, did his best to bring this place to life. Finally, we will take you to this magical place on our tour. . Here you will meet llamas, goats, bears, wolves, donkeys, miniature animals, birds, horses, camels, snakes, foxes, and geese that always make noise and pretend to be the boss of the zoo.

We invite you to enjoy this tour together where we have the opportunity to enjoy and observe through the eyes of a child.



Explore the untouched nature of Montenegro with jeeps, and go on roads that ordinary cars would not be able to pass. Enjoy the wilderness



Water skiing is an individual sport in which the user skins on the surface of the water while being towed by a speedboat. To engage in this activity, you need to go further from the shore in order to have enough space, and you must also be in good physical condition because this sport requires strength in the upper and lower body, muscular endurance, and good balance. Water skiing is an excellent activity that requires energy, and just one hour of practicing this activity will burn you around 400 calories.

Everyone who likes speed, the sea, and the wind in their hair must try jet skiing, which can be classified as an adrenaline sport because it will surely make your heart beat faster and put a smile on your face. Jet skiing is great fun, and it is most suitable when the sea is calm, without waves, and it can be rented by all adults. This type of activity also has dangers, so it is very important to listen and respect the advice. In addition to jet skis, a ride on a so-called rubber banana is also available for rent. This form of entertainment is best when more people participate, so if you want to try it, gather your friends and have a crazy time.



Live in peace and quiet. Drink wine and fish for 2-3 hours. Find answers to many questions in peace or simply switch off.



Are you ready for some fun on four wheels?

Experience the beauty of Durmitor National Park in a different way, by off-road driving in the unreal areas of the highest Montenegrin mountain. With an adrenaline injection that only ATV vehicles can provide, find out why Montenegro is a land of "wild beauty".Carefree enjoyment of untouched nature and spectacular views is ensured by our experienced guides, who are always by your side, making sure that everything goes smoothly, and paying particular attention to your safety. Ride ATVs and make memories you'll always remember fondly. There are many routes, but it is also possible to organize special tours on request.

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